Cultivating self-awareness and emotional intelligence will set you miles apart from all the other leaders out there.

5 Keys of Mindful Leadership

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Are you an established leader, or perhaps new to leadership?

Cultivating self-awareness and emotional intelligence will set you miles apart from all the other leaders out there.Retweet

I won’t be naming names, but I have worked in two organisations where the boss was there only to receive that extra-large pay cheque. They didn’t care about their teams, or the deeper needs of their customer-base. These types of leaders are ruled by their ego and often exhibit bullying tendencies.

What these leaders lack is the ability to self-reflect and act with mindful awareness.


Mindfulness is simply about being present.

Present means right here, right now.

When a leader displays mindful awareness, they are aware of each moment.  Aware of their thoughts, words and actions in each moment, and how this impacts those around them.

I once had a boss scream at me.  The whole office went quiet.  I remember feeling sick and I couldn’t stop shacking.  Her bad mojo cut through my whole being, like a freshly sharpened blade splitting a watermelon in two.

Reflecting back now I should have stood up to her and pulled her up on this totally inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour.  But I was younger, inexperienced, and in complete shock.

My crime?  I asked her if I could run something urgent past her (she was on her way out to lunch).

Putting mindful leadership to work

  1. Be completely and utterly present in each moment and every interaction. Mindful leaders are focused on each task, and every person they are with.  Being present cultivates improved connection and communication with everyone.
  2. A mindful leader is self-aware. This is not always easy and requires continued effort to allow ego to step back, and your true be-ing to shine forth.  Through practiced self-awareness you learn to understand your weaknesses and strengths.  In turn, you are better equipped to respond to challenges and make informed decisions.
  3. As you begin to experience personal growth, you create a true understanding of emotional intelligence. You can manage your emotions, and understand those of your team.  Emotional intelligence reflects compassion and empathy, and this cultivates a supportive work environment, allowing team members to feel truly appreciated.
  4. Through mindfulness you begin to expand your mind.  An open mind is more attuned to accepting and embracing innovation, adaptability, and flexibility.  Opening your mind allows you to foster a growth-mindset, creating a positive culture where your team are open to learning, growth and improvement.
  5. A mindful leader is able to make ethical decisions that are aligned with their deepest values. You are aware that every decision you make will have an impact on you, your team, shareholders, and the greater community. A mindful leader always sees the big picture.

If your team love coming to work then you are definitely on the right track.

Let’s get creative

Did you know that mindfulness invites creativity?

The mindful leader is naturally attuned to their intuition and instincts, and this fosters the creative spirit deep within.  You might even find you are surprised by the concepts or strategies you can creative from this ‘present moment’ space you find yourself in.

Harness this creativity and get writing.  Jot down all your thoughts and ideas – this is the perfect fuel for content creation.

To your success,

Silva x

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