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Attention: Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Do you want to:

  • Be seen as a Thought Leader in your field?
  • Get your message in front of the right audience?

Watch Your Business Bloom

Content strategy for great copywriting
Imagine how great it would be if you could:
  • Be seen as a Thought Leader in your field
  • Book out your Calendar
  • Sell-out every Event & Retreat
  • Create that E-Book you've dreamt about
  • Boost your Revenue Streams
  • Make a truly Positive Impact in the World
Content and copywriter for health entrepreneurs

Wouldn't it be great if you could TRIPLE your audience?

Words by Silva will work with YOU to:

  • Write blog posts & content that place you as a Thought Leader in your field
  • Craft social media posts and newsletters that people want to read
  • Create Case Studies that promote your business and set you apart from the crowd
  • Research and Develop E-Books and White Papers, in your voice, showcasing your expertise


Our Inspiring Clients

A list of my clients: Yoga Australia, Tava Yoga, Surf Coast Lifestyle Health, WholeFood Living magazine, Happy Kidz Science Shows, World Class Firms, Nehsana.

How it Works


Book a Meeting

Once we receive your booking we'll send you an email & arrange a Zoom meeting to take a detailed brief.


Receive Your Copy

We'll do the research, write your copy & send it to you for approval. You can make 2 rounds of revisions.


Publish on Website

The copy is now ready to publish on your site, social media, online, or in print. Your big-hearted business is making a positive impact.


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"Silva my goodness! This (copy for Instagram and Facebook) is beautiful and I can offer no critique at all. It is perfect, thank you very much"

Josh Pryor

President/CEO Yoga Australia

"Silva has been absolutely amazing and a wonderful help to my business.  She is a wonderful and talented copywriter and has put together some fantastic marketing materials for me.  Silva had also guided me through a tricky campaign and helped me target clients who really need my help"

Anita Rickey

Corporate Wellness Educator 
Words by Silva Testimonial

"I cannot stress enough what a pleasure it’s been working with Silva - she is so accommodating, professional and her efficiency continues to astound me! Silva has been my little gift from heaven!"

Lauren Stern

Founder, Tava Yoga

Latest Blog Posts

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#1 Rule For Written Content: Keep It Simple

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Image of white folders, filled with documents. A white paper is a leader's best friend.

White Papers: What Are They, And Why Should Leaders Write One?

Great questions! A white paper is a business leader’s best friend. It is a comprehensive document that places you as the authority on that topic. Generally, a white paper is an informative report that either discusses a particular product, or provides an industry overview. Why is it called a white paper? According to Stanford Law […]

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