A little voice inside me said “let go and see what happens”. That’s what I did. And it was the most amazing, inspiring and growth enhancing experience that I am so grateful for.

How To Know When To Let Go

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I have come to learn that there is a fine line between planning and winging it.

As a business leader you might well argue that planning is integral to success.

And you won’t get an argument from me to the contrary.

Developing a solid plan helps leaders to:
·       Establish a clear vision and roadmap
·       Mitigate risk
·       Allocate resources to manage growth and sustainability
·       Consider factors and alternatives when making decisions
·       Benchmarking, KPIs and tracking performance.

But (yes, the big BUT), good leaders are adaptable, agile and flexible. Good leaders are fluid.

Historically I have been a “winger”. Has it served me well?  Not really. I lacked a framework.  Hence, no clear direction either.
In more recent years I have been a solid planner. While this has given me a lot more direction it has left me feeling a little rigid.

As I reflect, I see that too much planning is linked to fear. When we plan we create a feeling of being in control of the situation. Sometimes the desire for a specific outcome is so strong that we are unable to see the bigger (or better) picture, let alone feel we can relinquish control and let go of the process.

Too often I have felt as though I am scampering to hold on to a particular client or situation, in order to gain a specific outcome. Fear is the driver. Of that I am certain.

Lately, I have been practicing letting go and trusting. You could say trusting in God, or the Universe – trusting in something deep within.
Surrender is my new mantra. And so far, this has been working out beautifully.

While I still have a plan and a desired outcome, I am no longer married to the process of getting from A to B.  I have learnt that relinquishing the need to control everything, of letting go of every step in the process, has opened up an unbelievable abundance of possibilities, growth and guidance.

Do I still have a plan in place for the next 6 months, and 6 years? Yes.
Am I able to let go of the need to control how I will reach these goals? Yes.

You see, I surrendered during my copywriting internship with Nikhil. My initial desire to make sure I got the client I wanted was totally driven by fear. Their business was something I was very familiar with. The other clients all ran businesses that were completely foreign to me. There was fear that I’d miss out on who I wanted, fear that I would not do a great job writing for these other amazing leaders.

A little voice inside me said “let go and see what happens”. That’s what I did. And it was the most amazing, inspiring and growth enhancing experience that I am so grateful for.

Since adopting my ‘surrender and let-go’ attitude I feel in the flow, and on track.

To your success

Silva x

P.S.  Do you struggle to let go, to relinquish control, and just allow things to unfold? It’s not easy. But I promise you that many aspects of life start to flow with a lot more ease.


*Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash


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