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5 Secrets To A Successful Website

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Why is a website necessary?

You already know this but your website will be one of the most important marketing tools you’ll ever have.  However, most people think that they can just launch a site and get new customers.

Not true.

There are a few things that need to be done before a site can start generating new business.

The first one is obviously getting the site designed and developed.  The second is getting the site populated with content.  That is, writing the words that your audience will see when they click on your site.

These two elements determine the success of a site.  Here’s why.

How to create a great first impression

When you land on a website, the first thing you do is form an impression of that business.  It takes about three seconds for this impression to form.

If you can’t grab your prospect’s full attention and give them compelling reasons to stick around in those first 3 seconds, they’ll click out and on to your competitor’s site in the blink of an eye.  The first impression is crucial.

How is this first impression created?  Simple.  It’s based on two things.  The first is the look of the site – the colours and font, the general feel and design of your site.

If it looks messy, is difficult to navigate or hard to read, it’s unlikely to convert visitors into paying customers.

That all-important first impression is also created based on the words you use on the site.  The words, or ‘copy’, as we call it, are critical to taking your prospect on a journey as to why they should buy your products or services.

The words you use also determine how well you rank on Google and other search engines.  So, it is critical you use the right words that sell you in the right way.

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The pros and cons of using a professional copywriter

Of course, you can write the words yourself.  If you’re a great writer then that is a cost-effective way to go.  But if you’re not a great writer, there are a few drawbacks to doing it yourself.

Discover the 5 Secrets now.  Ask yourself, and answer honestly:

  1. Do you have the time to write the words yourself? It takes time to write good copy and if you don’t have the time to do it, your website launch will be delayed.  For every day your website is not up, you are literally losing business.
  2. Do you have the skill to write persuasive copy? Copywriting is both an art and a science and takes some time to learn.  The words you use will directly influence people’s decision to buy from you.  Sure, there’s a cost to hiring a professional copywriter but (depending on the value of your service) just one or two new customers could pay for the entire copywriting job.  Surely it’s worth investing a few dollars to show off your business in the best possible light?  After all, you’ve gone to a lot of effort to create a site so it will be a shame to lose prospects just because the words you used we not compelling.
  3. Do you understand what is needed to get on page one of Google? It’s a harsh reality but if your business is not on page one, it’s not in business.  Did you know that people don’t even look past the 5th search result on page one* – so if you’re not on page one you’re not being seen (for free).  The words you use on your site (both on the page, and behind the scenes i.e. in the metatags) directly influence where Google ranks you.  If you think you can write those words yourself, go for it.  If not, you need to hire a professional copywriter who’s expert at search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting.
  4. Are you the best person to promote your business? This may seem like an obvious answer – you’re probably thinking ‘Yes!  I know my business better than anyone!’ but that knowledge can also be a negative.   Do you know your business so well that you can’t see what the customer sees anymore?  Maybe you have become jaded and can’t see why people would choose you.  Alternatively, maybe you think everything is great and no-one has the guts to challenge you on whether that is still true.Actually, a copywriter will provide an objective, honest and unbiased viewpoint that many business owners can’t find elsewhere.

Secrets to a great website


I’ll let you in on one more secret…(number 5)…
                                                              …What are your competitors doing?

Not knowing what your competitors are doing is suicide for any business.

As a copywriter one of my jobs is to look at what your competitors are doing and find a way to ensure you are the compelling winner.  Your potential customers have a vast array of competitor sites right at their fingertips and can access them with one click.  If they are not convinced by your site they will quickly move onto the next one.

So, I trust that you now see what makes a website successful.

A professional copywriter is an expert at looking at your business with ‘fresh eyes’ and helping you find the gold nugget that makes your business stand head and shoulders above your competition.

What’s up next?

Discover how important understanding your clients and customers is (it’s super important!).  Read it now…

Thank you for reading this post.

Take care

Silva x

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*Source:  Jacob Nielsen, www.useit.com
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