Discover 8 Easy Steps to Target Your Ideal Yoga Clients

Beware! Do You Know Your Target Audience?

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Discover why it is super important to know who your ideal clients are

Unfortunately, many new small business owners start their enterprise without considering who their services or products are targeted at.

I know you might think this is crazy.  But it’s true.

If you don’t know who your ideal customer is, then no one does.  Least of all your ideal customer.  Creating a clear picture of who they are is one of the most important steps in creating a successful business.

In today’s super competitive online environment, you simply must know who is going to buy your products, book into your classes, or attend your Bali retreats.  Without a clear focus your message becomes bland, whitewashed, and diluted.  This doesn’t help you, or the people out there searching for exactly what you offer.  They can’t find you because your message isn’t clear.

It happened to me.  Many years ago, when I began teaching yoga, my message wasn’t clear and I ended up going nowhere fast.  Since then, I have discovered why I failed.   Now I work with like-minded wellness entrepreneurs to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes I did when I started out.

The results are in!

17% of small to medium businesses fail because they do not do any marketing, or do not understand the importance of marketing and sales.  If you know your target audience, your ideal customer, then half the battle is won.  You are more than a few steps closer to the success you dream about.  Even more importantly, you know who to target, and how to target them, to grow your heart-driven business.

“Anticipated, personal, and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited junk” ~ Seth GodinTweet Seth Godin's wise business words

So, how do you know your target audience?

Imagine waking up every day feeling excited about the new customers awaiting your response.  They know you are the one to help them.  You know they found you because your website, blogs, social media were right on target.

Find your ideal customer:

  1. Write down all the skills, knowledge & training you have. You will be amazed at how much you already know
  2. Then, write down what really interests you? Perhaps it’s teaching yoga to children, meditation to stressed-out executives, Pilates to people living with scoliosis, organising seniors’ yoga retreats to Central Australia, designing eco yoga mats
  3. Next, pick one area of interest that you feel you already have the skills for
  4. Write down everything you can about the person who fits the customer profile. That is, the person that your skill-set will help.
  5. Be specific. I mean, really specific.  Give them a name, where they live, income, background information, health information.  Are they married or single, 8 years old or 80 years old.
  6. Take it further. Get inside their head.  What are their opinions and interests. Where do they shop.  What do they eat.  Do they work?  Be as specific as you can.
  7. Feel what it is like to be this person who is your ideal customer
  8. Now consider what their pain point is. Why would they book into your class, or buy your product?  What is the issue, problem, main concern they have that you can solve?

Discover 8 Easy Steps to Target Your Ideal Yoga Clients

Narrow down that target

The wider your audience scope the less focused your business will be.

The best way to increase your brand awareness is to present it to a narrowed down demographic.  Above all, you will then be able to plan a successful marketing strategy.

Your blog posts will be relevant.  Your social media strategy will be on point.  Importantly, your web content captures your perfect customer’s attention and they sign up for your email newsletter.  GOLD!

The next step is to send them regular updates and information that relates to them, that fixes their woes and solves their problems.

Stand out from the crowd

The only way to get your ideal customer’s attention is to create targeted material that speaks to them directly.  Written in such a way that when they read it, they think “Wow, it’s like this was written for me”.  You must make your business stand out from the crowd so that those who need you can find you.  Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time, effort and money.  And, your business will never really get off the ground.

Above all, let your business tell the stories that your future customers are waiting to hear.  This will build trust.  From trust comes a sense of connection.  Connect with your audience through newsletters that show you care and understand their needs.  While social media is great and definitely serves its purpose, nothing beats an email list.

Unfortunately, Facebook or Instagram can shut down tomorrow and you lose all your followers in a flash.  Your email list is yours forever.   Building an email list is imperative to your success.  Once you build that list, use it!  Commit to sending regular updates.  Why?  Because, your audience want to hear from you.  While they may not buy from you immediately, you will be first on their mind when the time comes.  That moment when they think “I can’t do this anymore”, or “I need that now”, they will instantly think of you as the one to turn to.

You can 100% do this.

I believe in you.  Now you have to believe in yourself and take this next step.

Take care

Silva x

P.S.  You owe it to yourself, and to the world, to let your star shine.  Remember that you are unique, and so are the skills and talents that you share.  Let yourself be found by those who need what you can share.

P.P.S.  If you need help with your content or copy let me know.  Book in for a FREE Website Copy Health Check today. It’s only free for a limited time!  Yes, this offer expires on 30th April 2023.

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